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Archive | April, 2012

Eyelid Scar Revision Chicago

Scar revision of the eyelid area can make a huge impact in the lives of our Chicago patients.  Because the eyes are an area of great focus and attention, scars from accidents or previous surgery can be a devastating reminder.

Dr. Tresley may employ several different techniques to reduce existing scars including: surgical excision, skin grafts, flap surgery and Z-plasty.  For more information on eyelid scar revision, contact our Chicago area practice today.

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Chicago Laser Vein Removal

Spider veins and smaller varicose veins can be treated by Dr. Tresley at our Chicago area practice.  Dark leg veins can be an unsightly blemish.  Often hereditary and more common in women than in men, leg veins are caused by weak vascular walls and poor circulation.   Do you work long hours on your feet?  This can also be a contributor to spider and varicose veins.  For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

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