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Why Is Botox So Popular?

Botox injectionThe mean girls are popular, the Kardashians are popular, and even fad diets tend to gain popularity. When it comes to things like facial fillers and cosmetic procedures, all you want to pick is something that is trusted and popular among individuals everywhere.  As the most popular facial filler available on the market, Botox has everyone talking. It can seem like everywhere you turn or everyone you talk to has at least tried this filler once. So, what is all the hype about? What makes Botox so popular?

  1. It’s Fairly Inexpensive

Compared to large reconstructive facial surgeries like a brow lift or facelift, Botox is failry inexpensive. At an average of $13 dollars per unit, the typical cost of Botox is around $200-$300 dollars every six months— which compared to the cost of a huge surgery like a facelift, can seem like pocket change.


  1. It Works

By injecting your forehead and the lines around your eyes with this facial filler, Botox actually does what it says. It not only lifts and tightens the muscles around the upper part of the face, but if performed correctly it can actually look quite natural. Plus, you can see results in as little as 5-7 days, which means that you can see the results in virutally no time at all.


  1. It’s Not Just For Good Looks

Also used for things like underarms and to treat migraines, Botox isn’t only popular because it’s a facial filler. Botox is being used all over the country for other medical things as well such as in the dental industry to help with certain jaw disorders. Who knows… Botox might just be the cure-all treatment for everyone.


  1. Hardly Any Side-Effects

Although some patients might receive some slight bruising and swelling around the injection sites, Botox hardly has any side-effects which leaves patients feeling more confident and comfortable with this facial filler.

As the next generation of a baby’s popular first new word, Botox is a household name. Used for a variety of things and at a fairly affordable price, it’s no wonder this facial filler is popular.

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Considering Juvederm: 3 Things You May Not Know

injection in the eyebrowAs a non-invasive appraoch to a younger looking you, facial fillers are one of the most popular ways to enhance your appearance without having to go under the knife. However, if you’re weary of facial fillers such as Juvederm, there are a few things to consider.

It’s  Not Permanent

Unlike lip implants, lip fillers such as Juvederm aren’t permanent. And although they can last for the upwards of a year, if you’re unhappy with the results or miss your smaller pout, you won’t have it for forever. So, it’s safe to say that Juvederm is a filler that is worth trying out at least once in your life.

It’s Not Just for Lips

Although predominantly used to plump lips and smooth out any lip wrinkles, Juvederm is not just meant for lips. In fact, much how Botox is used for the eyes up, Juvederm is used for the nose down. Meaning that you can target things such as an increase in smile lines around your mouth or you can help to smooth out any wrinkles that might be starting to produce around your lips.

It’s Virtually Pain-Free

Because facial fillers like Botox and Juvederm are injected by using a very small needle, they are virtually pain free. In fact, if you want, you can get Juvederm done on your lunch break. Just know that some patients experience slight bruising and swelling after the injection site, so if you don’t want your friends and coworkers to notice, you might want to skip work for the rest of the day.

As an added tip, by applying a small, soft ice pack to the injection site, you can help to reduce any pain or inflammation that you might be experiencing. Also, ask your doctor about any over-the-counter pain medication you can take to help alleviate the swelling.

As a fun way to make your lips a little fuller and your smile lines a little less noticeable, Juvederm is a non-permanent and virtually pain free filler.

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