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The 411 on Ectropion

ectropion treatment

As you age, your skin starts to lose elasticity and can even begin to sag in places that you didn’t know it could— including both your upper and lower eyelid. Usually affecting the lower part of the eyelid, ectropion is when there is a sagging and outward turning of the eyelid which can make everyday things like seeing or even applying makeup to the lower part of the eye to become a bit more difficult. If you suffer from ectropion, Dr. Daniel Tresley can help you to get your vision back and literally see the best results possible. Read on to learn more.

How Is It Caused?
As mentioned above, ectropion is a condition that is primarily caused by old age and the loss of elasticity in the skin and eye muscles. However, there are other contributing factors such as:

  • previous trauma
  • previous surgery
  • burns
  • skin cancers
  • nerve palsies

What are the symptoms?
Ectropion isn’t just a condition that can make your appearance look a little less than attractive, but it is also a condition that can cause things like watery eyes, irritation, redness, inflammation, and the caking and crusting around the eyelids.

What are the treatments?
There are two different types of treatment options that Dr. Tresley may recommend. The first is eyedrops and the second is a surgical procedure. Dr. Daniel Tresley specializes in this type of surgery and can help to restore your vision and overall appearance back to normal in no time. During the surgical procedure, Dr. Daniel Tresley will tighten the eyelid muscles in order to restore the eyelid to its normal position. Ectropion surgery involves tightening the muscles of the eyelid and its attachment to restore the eyelid to its more normal position.

If you are suffering from ectropion, Dr. Daniel Tresley can help restore your eye and appearance in no time. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today and one of our specialists will help you out.

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The Importance of Antioxidants for Your Skin Care

tresley-photoAntioxidants took the world by storm a few years ago with foods rich in antioxidants like acai became extremely popular. With properties that promote good overall health and protect you against disease, antioxidants are considered to be one of the easiest properties that you can use in order to maintain good health. And antioxidants aren’t only ingested, but they can be used in skincare products such as creams and cleansers in order to help promote good skin health. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using skin care with antioxidants.

Dr. Daniel Tresley’s So Moist moisturizing lotion contains antioxidants that aid in not only protecting your skin from things like sun damage but that also help to reverse the damaging effects of the sun on your skin. Specifically, by stimulating the blood flow in your skin, antioxidants work to encourage the growth and production of new skin cells which repair damaged skin cells. As an added bonus to Dr. Daniel Tresley’s So Moist moisturizing lotion, it also contains sunscreen which will help protect you against further sun damage.

Both Dr. Daniel Tresley’s So Moist moisturizing lotion and Daily Antioxidant Cleanser contain the correct amount of antioxidants your skin needs in order to help it become more firm and youthful. In fact, antioxidants may actually help to reverse signs of aging by tightening your skin and restoring moisture to it.

Age Fighting
As one of the greatest benefits of Dr. Daniel Tresley’s skincare products that contain antioxidants is the fact that antioxidants contain age fighting capabilities as well. By plumping up your skin and restoring moisture to it, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced in appearance, and your skin will start to look more youthful.

As you can see, there are many health benefits of antioxidants including reparative, firming, and age fighting components. To learn more about Dr. Daniel Tresley’s skincare line or to schedule an appointment with him, contact our office today!

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