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Archive | February, 2017

How to Combat Dry Skin Under Your Eyes

eye careUnfortunately, we are in the thick of winter, and although spring is just around the corner, you still have to bundle up for at least another month or two. As one of the worst parts about winter, the skin on your face and body can dry out and start to itch. Specifically, the skin around your eyes. Luckily, with these few tips from Dr. Daniel Tresley, you can restore the moisture back to the skin around your eyes and help combat wrinkles while doing so. Read on to learn more.


You may have thought that the cucumbers your facialist places on your eyes are for a snack, but those cucumbers are doing wonders for the skin under and around your eyes. Containing both ascorbic and caffeic acid, cucumbers help to bring in moisture to these dry areas— leaving you feeling more restored than ever.

Eye Serum

An eye serum is a lightweight gel-like lotion that is designed specifically for the skin under your eyes. Because the skin around your eyes is particularly delicate and sensitive, eye serums are created with those concerns in mind. Use an eye serum both morning and night to help lock in the moisture, get rid of circles under your eyes, and combat fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, some people say that if you put on a serum over your eyeshadow, it will help give you a natural looking glow.

Drink More Water

One of the easiest and most natural ways of helping deal with dry skin around your eyes is to drink more water throughout the day. The more hydrated your body is, the more hydrated your skin will be— meaning that you can get rid of that chapped skin feeling.

Restoring the moisture to the skin around and under your eyes is relatively simple. By using cucumbers, an eye serum, and drinking more water, you can combat the curse of winter once and for all. To learn more about how you can take better care of your eyes, contact Dr. Daniel Tresley today!



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How to Protect Your Eyes Against Wrinkles While You Sleep

wrinkle treatmentIf you have been dreaming of Mr. Sandman all day long— you’re not alone. When it comes to getting your beauty rest, if you simply don’t get enough on a regular basis, more sleep is likely all that you dream of. Getting about eight hours of sleep every night will help your body recuperate and fight off illnesses; it will also help your skin rejuvenate itself and stay healthy. To help you protect your eyes against wrinkles while you sleep, we have created a brief guide. Read on to learn more.

Eye Cream

You’ve heard of face cream and foot cream, but have you ever tried eye cream? Designed with a gentle formula and your eyes in mind, eye cream works to lock in the moisture under your eyes both during the day and at night. As one of the most sensitive parts of your face, the skin under your eyes often gets neglected and can dry out. However, by wearing an eye cream to bed every night, you can lock in the moisture and help fight against wrinkles.

Satin Pillowcases

It may sound a bit lavish and extreme, but did you know that by sleeping on a satin pillowcase every night you can help protect your eyes from forming wrinkles around them. By sleeping on a cloth pillowcase, it can wrinkle which can cause wrinkles on your skin. However, by resting on a smooth, satin pillowcase every night, you won’t have to worry about the fabric wrinkling and causing you skin damage.

Clean Pillowcases

Your pillowcase is notorious for harboring oils and bacteria that can cause you to breakout and even form wrinkles. When oils from your head rub off onto your pillowcase, that same oil can spread to your face. To protect your skin from these skin problems, you should be switching out your pillowcase every few days— the cleaner your pillowcase is, the better condition your skin will be in.

Taking good care of the skin under and around your eyes is as simple as wearing an eye cream to bed, and sleeping on clean, satin pillowcases every night. If you would like to learn more about how you can take better care of the skin around your eyes, contact Dr. Daniel Tresley today!



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