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Keep Your Eye on the Prize: 3 Questions to Ask Before Getting Eyelid Surgery

Ptosis Treatment Chicago ILHow many likes you get on Instagram, how many friends you have on Facebook, and how many views you get on your blog may all seem relative, but they do give you the satisfaction of feeling popular. As one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, eyelid revision surgery or a blepharoplasty was reported by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons as one of the most popular surgeries last year— with over 200,000 men and women electing to get this procedure. To help you determine whether or not this popular procedure is right for you, this article lists three considerations to make beforehand.

Lower Eyelid Droop: Is Surgery Necessary?

Having bags or excess skin under your eyes can make you look more tired than you are and require more concealer than you likely care to admit. As you age, your skin becomes thinner which creates the appearance of circles under your eyes. Although a blepharoplasty is the only permanent way to get rid of bags and excess skin under your eyes, it is not for everyone. Depending on the severity of your condition, Dr. Daniel Tresley may recommend alternative non-invasive treatments such as microneedling, chemical peels, or even laser.

Is It More Than Cosmetic? Is It Ptosis?

Ptosis is a condition that causes the upper eyelid to hang and droop a little lower which can ultimately result in vision impairment. During your initial consultation with Dr. Daniel Tresley, he will be able to examine you and determine whether or not you have ptosis or if the droopiness you are experiencing is merely caused by aging.

If you are diagnosed with ptosis, Dr. Tresley can perform a surgical procedure to help correct both the cosmetic and medical portions of your upper eyelid.

Is Surgery Alone Good Enough?

Depending on the complexity of your eyelid condition, Dr. Tresley may recommend the use of fillers like Restylane and Juvederm to add more volume to the skin under your eyes in conjunction with surgery.

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What to Know About Excessive Tearing

Tearing Disorders Treatment Chicago ILTears make you look compassionate, help you demonstrate emotion, and depending on your acting abilities, may even get you out of the occasional speeding ticket. However, if you have started to tear for no rhyme or reason, you may be suffering from an underlying medical condition.

Your tears are what keep your eyes lubricated and prevent them from drying out. They are drained through a complicated pumping mechanism and then flow into a tear drain called the lacrimal duct. Sometimes, the lacrimal duct can get clogged which causes excessive tearing.

What Causes Excessive Tearing?

Excessive tearing can be caused by a variety of issues including:

  • Dry eyes
  • Blepharitis: This condition typically occurs when the oil glands in the eye become clogged.
  • Topical medications: Facial medications such as retinol sometimes exacerbate the tear glands.
  • Misdirected eyelashes (entropion)
  • Loose or lax eyelids (ectropion)
  • Blocked tear ducts

How Is It Treated?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Daniel Tresley, he will perform a basic evaluation to determine the cause of your tearing. Once he has identified the cause, he will then be able to create a customized treatment plan for you. With years of training and experience, Dr. Daniel Tresley can perform minor eyelid repairs to restore normal tear-pump function or to reposition the eyelid. Additionally, he can also perform a Dacryocystorhinostomy or DCR, which creates a new tear drain to bypass the blocked lacrimal duct.

Excessive eye tearing can impact patients who are as little as a few months old to the elderly. Although tears serve their purpose, if they go into overdrive for whatever medical reason, they can cause discomfort, irritation, and just interfere your overall quality of life. If you or one of your loved ones have started to experience excessive tearing, schedule a consultation with our Northbrook office today!

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