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How To Break Up With Your Wrinkles Before Valentine’s

Non-Surgical Options Chicago ILBreaking up is hard to do, especially when the love and romance of Valentine’s Day are in the air. But you have been unhappy with your lines and wrinkles for a long time, and you deserve true happiness. If you have been searching for a way to say good-bye to those signs of aging, we can help with our dermal filler treatments.

Practice Self-Care

The chances are that your wrinkles will miss you more than you will miss them, and this can make letting go difficult. Practice self-care, and focus on what makes you happy. Dr. Tresley helps you understand the benefits of saying good-bye, and we are here to offer the support and encouragement that you need.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Your wrinkles know how to tug at your heart strings, so keep the break-up short and sweet. They may try to reminisce by bringing up memories of the time that you have spent together. Try not to engage. Just keep imagining how life will open up once they are gone. Dermal filler treatments help you keep it short and sweet. The procedure takes less than one hour, and most people can relax during the injections.

Move Forward Sooner Rather Than Later

Once the good-byes are done, it is time for you to move forward with your life. Fortunately, dermal fillers require no downtime, so plan on having lunch with a friend, shopping for Valentine’s Day outfit or treating yourself to a new hair style. However, you choose to spend the rest of the day, make sure that you feel special and pampered because you deserve it.

Embrace Long-term Happiness

Now that the break-up is over, you can look forward to long-term happiness. The results of your dermal fillers treatments will last for several months or longer.

Learn More About Dermal Fillers. Contact Dr. Daniel Tresley.

Are you ready to say good-bye to your wrinkles? Contact Dr. Daniel Tresley to learn more about dermal fillers, brow/forehead lift, Sciton Micro Laser Peel, Kybella®and our other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Our Chicago-area office is located in Northbrook, and you can call us directly at (847) 291-6900. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Skin Care By Daniel S. Tresley, M.D.

skin care products Northbrook, IL

You invest time and money into your skin to keep it healthy, youthful and hydrated. Professional treatments contribute to how well your skin responds to the aging process, as well as environmental factors. Your at-home skin care is just as important, as this is how you give your skin the essential nutrients that it needs to fend off damage. High-quality skin care products are one of the most important investments that you can make for your skin at any age.

About Skin Care Solutions by Daniel S. Tresley, M.D.

As an oculofacial plastic surgeon and board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Tresley understands skin and how aging and other factors lead to fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, dull complexion and other problems. He has dedicated his expertise to the development of his own line of skin care products. The line includes products for your face with a special emphasis on the needs of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Safe for All Skin Types

Dr. Tresley has carefully considered the formulations for his skin care products to ensure that the line is gentle enough for sensitive skin, yet effective in cleansing, nourishing and hydrating the skin. Botanicals, antioxidants, green tea, lipids, vitamin C, vitamin E and white tea, are just some of the skin-friendly ingredients that are found in his products. The formulations are free of fragrance, preservatives and other ingredients that are often added to skin care, but unnecessary and irritating.

Comprehensive Skin Care Regimen

You will find a comprehensive range of products in the Daniel S. Tresley, M.D., the line of skin care. By addressing every stage of skin health, Dr. Tresley ensures that the products work together to improve and maintain skin health. The line includes products for:

  • Aged skin
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Rosacea

The products can be used after your professional skin care treatments to promote healing.

Learn More About Daniel S. Tresley, M.D. Skin Care Solutions. Contact Dr. Daniel Tresley.

To learn more about Daniel S. Tresley, M.D. skin care, cosmetic eyelid surgery, Sciton Pro Fractional Laser Therapy, treatments for tearing disorders and our other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, contact Dr. Daniel Tresley to schedule a consultation. Our Chicago-area office is located in Northbrook, and you can call us directly at (847) 291-6900. We look forward to hearing from you!

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