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How to Get Rid of Swelling After a Blepharoplasty

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Having bags under your eyes and always looking tired isn’t something worth bragging about or updating your Facebook status over. And although you can try your hand at a few topical eye creams, nothing will do the trick quite like a blepharoplasty from Dr. Daniel Tresley. By removing excess fat and skin from either the upper or lower eyelids, a blepharoplasty gives patients a more youthful appearance.

Once you are sent home from surgery, you will experience some swelling for the first week or so which is very common. To help you alleviate this swelling, we have created a few useful and easy tips.

Ice It As You Mean It

Now, you’re not going to want to grab a giant bag of hard ice and place it over your eyes— look for something gentle like a soft gel ice pack. Remember that the skin around your eyes will be very sensitive, so you don’t want to put too much pressure on it. Try icing your eyes for about 10 minutes every 30-60 minutes depending on the severity of swelling.

Take Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications may as well be your BFF after a blepharoplasty. By helping ease pain and get rid of inflammation, these types of pills are great. Make sure to consult Dr. Tresley before surgery if you suffer from any health conditions in which anti-inflammatory drugs aren’t recommended.

Raise It Up

Try to keep your head elevated as much as possible during the first week or two of recovery. We recommend patients use about two pillows to prop their head up every night— this will help get rid of fluid and inflammation in the process.


Ready to take the next step and get rid of your bags under your eyes? Schedule your consultation at our Northbrook office today!

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Can Under Eye Bags be Banished with Dermal Fillers?


As an unfortunate side effect of aging and genetics, many people struggle with the issue of under eye bags. The persistent puffiness may be somewhat affected by stress, sleep, and diet. However, most people with sagging, bagging lids find no relief even with a healthy lifestyle.

Under eye bags reflect the accumulation of fat on the lower lids. This problem is exacerbated when collagen breaks down and the delicate skin around the eyes becomes thinner. Many people try to minimize the appearance of bags with expensive eye creams. The sad fact is that no topical product has been proven effective to significantly reduce or even control this problem.

Under Eye Bags: Considering all Options

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, has a long history of success at reviving the eyes. In one procedure, many people achieve the look they want and never need a re-do, even though the aging process continues. With the development of numerous fillers and wrinkle-reducing solutions, additional options can also be considered. It is important to consult with an experienced physician to ensure that you understand what is possible for your unique structure. Dr. Tresley performs eyelid surgery, as well as eyelid rejuvenation with Botox and dermal fillers. He discusses the value of each during patient consultations.

Dermal Fillers for Younger-Looking Eyes

Dermal fillers such as Juvederm®,  Radiesse® and Restylane®  are effective at treating lines and wrinkles around the eye. This is because these products lift sagging tissues, and stimulate collagen, which gives longevity to the results of a single treatment.

To reduce the appearance of under eye bags, fillers are inserted into the curved depression that lies just above the cheek. In addition to building up the line itself, the cheeks may also be enhanced to further reduce the visibility of puffiness beneath the eye. Using expert technique, the Dr. Tresley achieves a more natural contour between the cheek and the eyelid, making bags all but disappear.

Non-surgical eyelid rejuvenation has become increasingly popular. To see how your eyes can look younger, and reveal your inner zest for life, call 847-291-6900.

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Five Common Blepharoplasty Questions Answered

Whether it’s removal of loose, excess skin in the upper eyelids or fat repositioning in the lower eyelids, there is no doubt that eyelid surgery can subtly rejuvenate the eye area and make a person look years younger. If you’ve been thinking of having eyelid surgery but are still uncertain about it, here are answers to some of the most common questions.

BlepharoplastyWhat is going on with my saggy or droopy eyelids?
Your droopy eyelids are mainly the result of the natural effects of gravity due to advancing age. Genetics, smoking habits, fluctuations in weight, and sun exposure also play a role in how quickly your eyelids age.

What issues can eyelid surgery address?
Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin to reduce drooping in the upper eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery can either remove or reposition fat to reduce puffiness in the lower lids. In some cases, a unique form of eyelid surgery known as the Asian eyelid surgery technique is used to create a crease in the upper eyelids. Half of the Asian population has eyelids without a natural crease.

How long does a typical eyelid surgery take?
Eyelid surgery is a short and straightforward cosmetic surgery. An upper or lower eyelid surgery can last between 45 to 90 minutes.

How long should I take the time off after eyelid surgery?
Two weeks off from work should be enough to give you time to heal and recover following eyelid surgery.

Can eyelid surgery address dark under eye circles?
Most of the time, eyelid surgery cannot help improve dark under eye circles. Rather, non-surgical treatment with facial fillers can improve the indentation between the lower lids and the area above the cheeks (also known as the tear trough).

Do you still have questions concerning eyelid surgery? Call 847.291.6900 to set up an appointment with us today!

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What to Expect During Your Eyelid Surgery Consultation with Dr. Tresley

According to recent statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, eyelid surgery is the third most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the country. At Dr. Tresley’s practice in Northbrook, we are not surprised at all by these findings, as the eyes are one of the first areas to reveal the signs of aging.

If you’re thinking about eyelid surgery, an in-depth personal consultation with Dr. Tresley is your first step to finding out if the procedure is right for you. The consultation will include a thorough assessment of your eyelids and their surrounding structures, along with an evaluation of your medical history. Recommendations will be made after Dr. Tresley has evaluated your personal cosmetic goals and preferences. In some cases, non-invasive treatments such as Botox, facial fillers, laser treatments, and fat transfer may be endorsed along with surgery.

Eyelid SurgeryWe encourage patients to ask questions during personal consultations. Having a list of possible questions beforehand may help you get more out of the consultation. Also, you might want to review before-and-after photographs during your consultation. Some previous patients do not want to have their photographs displayed on the surgeon’s website but allow for the images to be reviewed personally at the surgeon’s office.

Furthermore, Dr. Tresley will discuss the steps you can take to prepare for the procedure to ensure that you achieve desired outcomes from the surgery. Potential risks and complications will also be thoroughly discussed.

Call 847.291.6900 today to schedule your eyelid surgery consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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What Makes Youthful and Attractive Eyelids?

eyelid surgeryBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.” While that adage may be true there are certain universally accepted opinions about what features make one woman’s eyelids more attractive than another.

A highly visible crease in the upper eyelids is perceived as attractive. It makes the eyes look bigger, which in most cultures is interpreted as a sign of vigor and youthfulness. Too much or too little fat in the area is considered unappealing. The absence of puffiness in the lower eyelids signifies that a person is well rested and vibrant.

The brows should also be well groomed and slightly arched along the lateral third above the orbital rim. A slight disproportion is unlikely to be noticeable, but a significant imbalance (due to sagging skin) is perceived as unattractive.

Your eyelid surgery consultation with Dr. Tresley
Dr. Tresley’s approach to eyelid surgery centers around the fact that clients’ facial attributes and desired outcomes vary widely. Dr. Tresley also recommends non-surgical treatments that can be combined with surgery if the procedure alone cannot address your existing eyelid issues. Non-invasive treatments may include Botox, facial fillers, and laser resurfacing treatments.

Call 847.291.6900 to learn more about achieving youthful, attractive eyelids!

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The Truth About Under Eye Bags

Under eye bags are usually associated with a lack of sleep. Yet there’s more to eye bags than that.

The downward pull of gravity is a major factor in the appearance of under eye bags. With age, the muscles surrounding the eyes weaken with gravity. Due to this lack of support, the skin starts to sag. Additionally, fat deposits around the eyes shift out of the cushiony membrane surrounding them. The fat occupies newer spaces, eyelid surgerycreating changes in eye contour that make the person appear older. Puffiness is made more obvious with water retention, which is common during hormonal shifts in women and when consuming a diet high in salt.

The solutions

Lower eyelid surgery is an excellent solution for tightening and repositioning the eyelid muscles that have weakened with age. Fat used to be removed in eyelid surgeries but this often resulted in an unnatural hollow look. Now, fat is usually repositioned rather than removed.

For non-surgical options to improve the appearance of under eye fat, Dr. Tresley recommends facial fillers such as Restylane. After a filler injection, the hollows are softened and a more naturally youthful look is restored.

Other measures you can take to prevent under eye puffiness include avoiding lying flat in bed, limiting salty foods in your diet, getting enough sleep, and applying cool compresses to the eyes.

Dr. Tresley can help you figure out which cosmetic solutions are ideal for your under eye puffiness. Call 847.291.6900 to set up an appointment today.

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Blepharoplasty — make your eyes beautiful again

BlepharoplastyBaggy, sagging eyelids are a result of the march of time. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. On the eyelids, this lack of elasticity causes them to droop. Sometimes the drooping can be so bad that it impacts the person’s vision.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, makes your eyelids look like they did before all of this sagging. The surgery removes excess skin from the upper eyelid and makes the floppy lower eyelid more compact. The process is also known as an eyelift and helps the patient look younger and more energetic.

In a blepharoplasty with Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, he makes the incisions in such a way that they remain hidden beneath your natural eyelids and scarring is virtually invisible. Beyond trimming excess skin and tightening the area, Dr. Tresley removes fat deposits that contribute to bagginess.

Dr. Tresley is a uniquely qualified choice for your eyelid surgery because he is an expert oculofacial surgeon in addition to being a certified ophthalmologist. He has unique perspective on the entire eye area of the face.

While you are recovering, you must follow the instructions from Dr. Tresley to ensure the fastest possible recovery time without complications.

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