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Sciton Pro-Fractional Laser Therapy in Chicago, IL

Laser Skin Treatment | Acne Scar Treatment Chicago IL | Skokie | Arlington HeightsA Pro-Fractional Laser treatment is more aggressive yet less harmful than most other laser treatments for the skin. The Pro-Fractional treatment is primarily applied on the face, but other parts of the body can undergo the procedure as well.

The Laser treats problematic and specific areas while keeping the rest of face untouched. The laser can go beyond the skin and deeper into the facial tissue where it generates heat that is necessary for the treatment. The treatment channels lay alongside untouched areas of the skin – these neutral areas allow the treated skin patches to heal faster. The overall procedure is generally painless.

Any redness or breaks in the skin resulting from the ProFractional treatment begin to heal within a few days of the procedure. Positive changes in the skin can be noticed in a few weeks. Lines, wrinkles, acne scars and other facial problems are corrected and the skin looks more vibrant, healthier and younger.

Dr. Tresley offers Pro-Fractional Therapy Treatments with the Sciton Laser System.
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