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Thyroid Eye Disease or Graves Disease Treatment Chicago IL

Graves disease is an autoimmune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones, also known as hyperthyroidism. The eyelids and surrounding tissues are often affected with this disease, especially after radioactive iodine treatment. Eyelid changes may occur before, during or many years after the onset of hyperthyroidism. Patients often experience dryness, irritation, tearing, and sometimes visual changes or vision loss. The lids may become retracted or pulled more open, causing a stare-like appearance. The eyes may also protrude forward, a condition known as exophthalmus. Dr. Tresley utilizes his expertise to bring the eyelids back to their normal resting position through a variety of techniques. Sometimes he will need to perform an orbital decompression surgery which enlarges the bony orbital vault that the eye rests in to allow the eye to fall back into a more normal position.

Graves Disease Treatment | Hyperthyroidism Treatment Chicago IL


Graves Disease Treatment | Hyperthyroidism Treatment Chicago IL



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