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Orbital Trauma, Diseases, and Tumors Chicago IL

The Orbit of the Eye

The orbit of the eye is the circular bony “frame” that cradles the eye. Between the bony housing and the eyeball are other structures such as fat, muscle, blood vessels and glands. These are known as the orbital contents.

The orbital contents may develop inflammation from

  • infection
  • tumors

Often, the tumors have to be removed to help maintain normal eye function and proper vision. The orbit can also suffer fractures due to trauma. They are most commonly a blowout or an orbital rim fracture. Fractures most commonly occur during accidents in sporting activities and accidents in the workplace.


Dr. Tresley’s specialized training in oculofacial plastic surgery makes him uniquely qualified to address issues of the orbital area. If you have issues affecting the orbital area, call us today at 847.291.6900 to discuss your options.