Posts From March, 2014

Eyelid Conditions – Eyelid Procedure – Chicago

The eyes are one of the most sensitive areas on our face. There are many different conditions that affect the eyes, both cosmetically and functionally. Eyelid conditions require a high degree of expertise in ophthalmology, which is the field of study relating to the eyes. Dr. Daniel Tresley is particularly well-regarded in this area and has an expertise in… Read More »

BOTOX – Anti-Aging Wrinkle Prevention – Chicago

Did you know that every subtle movement the face makes, whether it be a frown or a furrowing of the eyebrows, contributes to the formation of wrinkles? Repeated facial movements cause the face to crease and create lines. As the skin ages, these lines become permanently etched on our face.BOTOX is an anti-aging injection that can… Read More »

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