Posts From May, 2014

Eyelid Ptosis – Chicago Eyelid Lift Procedure

For some people, the eyelids can droop or hood over the eyes, causing them to look much more tired and older or give them vision trouble. When the eyelids droop, it is technically referred to as eyelid ptosis. Ptosis of the eyelids has a lot to do with the skin’s natural tendency to lose elasticity. Skin… Read More »

Blepharoplasty – Chicago Eyelid Rejuvenation

Wrinkled, sagging or puffy eyelids can have a major impact on your appearance. Bags under the eyelids or sagging eyelids can give you a constant tired look. For many people, looking tired all the time can be a nuisance. With a blepharoplasty, you can rejuvenate and refresh your appearance. A blepharoplasty, more commonly known as… Read More »

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