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Dermal Filler Chicago ILIt’s amazing all the things we learn when we’re trying to hide something. And, sometimes, we just want to forget all of the ways we know how to hide our nose. We may camouflage our nose underneath makeup contour, or we may distract people from it with bold or sparkly glasses. But, when it comes to something so permanent, getting surgery seems like a big step. If you’re ready to adjust your nose into something that makes you less self-conscious, while still avoiding the knife,keep reading to learn about rhinoplasty with fillers.

Who is a good candidate?

While a surgical procedure has a lot of conditions you need to meet, fillers have a much lower barrier to entry. So, we think you’re a good candidate for a filler rhinoplasty if you want to know what you’d look like with a slightly different nose.

Otherwise, if you are in overall good health, it all depends on what results you want when it comes to a good candidate for a rhinoplasty or a rhinoplasty with fillers. Some people are bothered by the size of their nostrils, or something else concerning a detail of the nose. Others find their entire nose to be bothersome. Smaller issues can be treated with filler rhinoplasty.

What can be resolved with fillers?

Large-scale concerns may not be suitably treated with fillers, as fillers do not remove anything from the nose. So, if you’re trying to get a bump removed from the bridge of your nose, a traditional rhinoplasty may be the way to go.

Alternatively, if you want to straighten out a crooked nose, fillers can be used to give your nose that sleek appearance. Fillers can also be used to adjust the tip of the nose, giving it an angle that is more agreeable to you.

What is recovery like?

That is one of the best parts of dermal fillers. There’s almost no downtime or recovery time at all. You may experience a little bruising at the site of injection, but many people are able to go right back to their normal lives.

Please see our website for before and after images of filler rhinoplasty procedures. For more information about rhinoplasty with dermal fillers contact Dr. Tresley today at (847) 291-6900.

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