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Eyelid skin cancer

Here’s How to Identify Eyelid Skin Cancer

More often than not, skin cancer on the eyelid is most often caused by excessive UV exposure. Due to the skin around the eyes being thin and delicate, this makes them more susceptible to sun overexposure. There are a few different types and various ways it may present itself. Thankfully, eyelid skin cancer is very… Read More »

3 Things to Figure Out Before Eyelid Surgery

Droopy Dog may be an endearing cartoon character but droopiness is not a trait that you want to have. If you have a droopy upper eyelid, a droopy lower eyelid, or both, then you may be the ideal candidate for blepharoplasty. By removing the excess skin on, above, or around the eyelid that is causing… Read More »

Can’t See a Thing? Maybe It’s Time for Eyelid Surgery

Aging isn’t always glamorous. In fact it can cause multiple parts of your body to sag that you didn’t even know could. If you suffer from saggy, droopy eyelids, and are having a difficulty doing things that you used to like putting on eye makeup, seeing without opening your eyes all the way, or any… Read More »

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