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What Is Ptosis and What Treatment Options Are Available?

If you notice the closing of your eyes due to drooping upper eyelids, you may be struggling with a condition known as ptosis. Dr. Daniel Tresley of Northbrook, IL, can help you better understand the condition and what can be done to correct it. What Is Ptosis? Ptosis is a specific medical condition in which… Read More »

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What Is Ptosis?

Patients in the Northbrook, IL area who are struggling with certain conditions of the eyes can find relief with the help of an experienced professional. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a board-certified ophthalmologist who can help patients with a wide range of vision concerns, including a condition known as ptosis. Continue reading to learn more… Read More »

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What to do about ptosis

If you have ptosis, you know how bothersome it can be. This condition can cause you to experience the sagging of the upper eyelid which may even impact your vision. If you are looking for information about ptosis and its treatment, you have come to the right place! Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a board-certified… Read More »

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What treatment is available for ptosis?

If you have ptosis, you understand how it can negatively affect your self-esteem, your appearance, and your ability to see properly. Ptosis is the drooping of the upper eyelid that can impede one’s field of vision. It can also lead patients to look older than they are or appear tired or drained. When patients visit… Read More »

What is an effective treatment for ptosis?

When patients have drooping eyebrows and eyelids, they may be diagnosed with a physical condition called ptosis. Ptosis is a concern for many patients, especially if it becomes so severe that it impact their field of vision. In situations like this, when the eyelid falls and blocks upper or peripheral vision, patients may want to… Read More »

Understanding Ptosis

Ptosis is an eye condition that causes the eyelid to hang over the eye. In mild cases, only a small portion of the eye is covered, and more advanced cases involve an eyelid that covers approximately half of the eye. Because the field of vision may be affected, ptosis treatment is considered as both cosmetic and… Read More »

How to Tell It’s Not Just Your Vision

Aging can sometimes feel like a guessing game— you’re gaining weight, is it because of aging? You’re more tired, is it because of aging? You are having a hard time seeing, is it because of aging? And although the answer to the above questions can most likely be attributed to aging, when it comes to… Read More »

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