Graves’ Disease: What You Need to Know

Graves’ Disease
Graves’ disease is an autoimmune system disorder that causes the body’s immune system to attack the otherwise healthy thyroid tissue. This then leads to an overproduction of thyroid hormones, also known as hypothyroidism. This condition can also affect the eyelids, along with the surrounding tissues. Understanding the symptoms and signs of Graves’ disease is important to ensure you receive the proper treatment.

What Are Symptoms of Graves’ Disease?

While the symptoms associated with Graves’ disease include a variety of issues, it can have particularly negative effects on eye health. The following are some of the most commonly noted symptoms of the condition overall:

  • Irregular heartbeat or feelings of irritability and anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Enlargement of the thyroid gland
  • Tremor in the fingers or hands
  • Heat sensitivity
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Eye issues, including changes in vision, vision loss, double vision, and light sensitivity
  • Pressure and/or pain in the eyes
  • Gritty feeling in the eyes
  • Bulging eyes
  • Inflamed or red eyes

Graves’ Ophthalmopathy

Graves’ ophthalmopathy is an eye disease that can develop as a result of Graves’ disease. This condition can create an open-eyed appearance, causing the eyes to bulge. This protrusion is called exophthalmos and is a problematic issue that can affect not only the vision but also the self-esteem of a patient.

Graves’ Disease Treatment

Thankfully, although the symptoms and effects of Graves’ disease on ocular health and appearance can be considerable, there are treatments available to stop the progression and reverse some of the effects.

Dr. Daniel Tresely can utilize his experience to perform various procedures designed to restore the normal appearance of the eye. The type of procedure necessary may vary for each patient based on their individual symptoms and goals. In some cases, he may perform an orbital decompression surgery, which enlarges the orbital vault bone (where the eye rests) so the eye can return to its normal position.

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