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What to expect before, during, and after your eyebrow lift procedure

If you’re considering eyebrow lift surgery, you probably have a lot of questions. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a board-certified ophthalmologist in the Northbrook, IL area who performs these procedures regularly for patients in the community. He understands that patients considering this treatment may have many questions about what to expect before, during, and after… Read More »

Woman receiving a botox injection in the lips zone

Cosmetic injections available at Northbrook, IL practice

Cosmetic injections have been a popular and affordable way for patients to turn back the hands of time on their appearance and address common imperfections. Our board-certified ophthalmologist is here to assist Northbrook, IL patients with fighting against excess fat under the chin, for fine lines and wrinkles around the face, and folds caused by… Read More »

woman looking at her face and looking at the first wrinkles at the eyes.

Understanding the goals of eyelid scar revision

Eyelid scar revision surgery is a type of surgical procedure that helps to improve the appearance of scars on the eyelids. This surgery can be performed on both the upper and lower eyelids. The goal of this type of surgery is to make the scar less visible and to improve the function of the eyelid.… Read More »

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Contour your body without plastic surgery using SculpSure®

If you are a Northbrook, IL, area patient interested in eliminating unwanted fat that doesn’t want to budge, even with changes in diet and exercise, you are not alone. Dr. Daniel Tresley is a provider in the community who can evaluate patients and help them decide what methods are available to help them reach their… Read More »

diagnostic center making ultrasound thyroid gland test.

What is Graves disease and how can the noticeable signs be treated?

Dr. Daniel Tresley of Northbrook, IL, is a board-certified ophthalmologist who provides patients with a wide range of facial procedures. This includes cosmetic treatments for conditions such as exophthalmos and issue closely related in patients with Graves disease. Take time to learn more about this condition, the autoimmune disorder that causes it, and ways to… Read More »

Portrait of attractive cheery long-haired woman touching soft skin

Fillers and other injectables available in Northbrook

Facial plastic surgery isn’t the only way to turn back the hands of time. Patients in the area of Northbrook, IL who are looking for a way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and folds may want to turn to a professional who offers cosmetic injectables as an alternative option. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a… Read More »

Woman eye before and after cosmetic treatment

FAQs about the blepharoplasty procedure

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, board-certified ophthalmologist, is a Northbrook, IL professional who is pleased to provide patients with solutions for the face and eyes. This includes plastic and reconstructive surgery solutions such as the blepharoplasty procedure. Below are some of the frequently asked questions he hears from patients who are curious about surgical intervention around… Read More »

Sensual beautiful woman with long hair and perfect slim body posing in studio.

Contour your body without plastic surgery using Sculpsure

Patients of the Northbrook, IL area who are interested in improving their body contours without plastic surgery may feel they have no other options than hours at the gym and days planning healthy meals.  However, with a revolutionary procedure called Sculpsure, patients can now target areas of unwanted fat without surgical interventions. What is Sculpsure?… Read More »

Arrows show the planned blepharoplasty surgery to lift and correct the skin and swelling.

Understanding eyelid scar revision surgery

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a board-certified ophthalmologist in the area of Northbrook, IL. He works with patients who are in need of facial procedures, specifically ophthalmic plastics. Patients who have scars on the eyelids, either from trauma or past surgeries, may be interested in finding out what methods of reduction or removal are available… Read More »

an attractive smiling mid adult woman on blue background

How Kybella can target an unwanted double chin

If you find yourself avoiding photos due to a noticeable double chin, you may be feeling incredibly self-conscious about this excess fat underneath the chin and jaw. Also known as “submental fullness,” the double chin is not always related to excess weight. It can be genetic, and no matter how much you improve your diet… Read More »

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