Types of Fillers for Quick Results

Dermal Filler Chicago ILIs there anything as awkward as running into an old friend and not feeling your best? If you’re running around town in sweats or not wearing makeup, seeing an old high school chum might cause you to turn around and hide. We all want to look and feel our best when we reunite with people from our past.

With parties around every corner for the rest of the year, we know how you feel. You want to look your best. We’ve been shopping for party clothes, getting our hair done, and keeping ourselves looking as good as we can, too. But, sometimes we need a little help. That’s where our favorite low-to-no downtime treatments come in. Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite last-minute treatments we use to feel our very best.

Types of Fillers


Botox helps smooth out wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles that cause them. This is one of the most popular treatments in the United States for a reason. The wrinkles and frown lines are banished with Boto. If you have a few days before your big event, call us to schedule a Botox appointment. This is because Botox results can take a few days to show, and the best results often take a week to appear.


Juvederm is a great filler that can be used to treat wrinkles as well as add plumpness to areas that would benefit. For example, Juvederm can be used to fill areas of the face like the lips. Just a little goes a long way, and Juvederm can give you the sexy, full lips you’ve always dreamed of.


Nasolabial folds (the lines that move from your nose to your mouth) and other wrinkles are taken care of with Restylane. This filler is a little more firm, so it can be used to add a little volume to cheeks that are a little lackluster.

Seeing old friends and family shouldn’t be stressful. Call us today at (847) 291-6900 to schedule a consultation for any of these amazing treatments and feel your best this holiday season.

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