Understanding Grave’s disease

young smiling good mood female cover close half face eyesight visionGraves disease is a condition that develops due to an overactive thyroid gland. When this happens, this autoimmune disease will cause a wide range of symptoms that impact a patient’s health and overall function. Patients diagnosed with Grave disease may experience a wide range of symptoms throughout the body, including:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Increased anxiety
  • Tremors
  • Weight loss
  • Eye redness and bulging
  • Double or decreased vision

To diagnose this condition, patients will have blood testing done to measure the thyroid hormones called TSH, as well as the levels of the hormones T3 and T4. Once a patient has received a diagnosis of Graves disease, they may want to work with professionals to address some of the aesthetic issues that can occur, including bulging eyes. Bulging eyes can be resolved with plastic surgery procedures with Dr. Daniel S. Tresley of Northbrook, IL. Patients with this condition will also want to work with their primary care physician to address other symptoms that are impacting their overall health and function.

What can I expect from eye surgery after a Graves disease diagnosis?

Addressing protruding eyes associated with Graves disease may be achieved with plastic surgery. During the plastic surgery, the eyelids are repositioned and changed to look more aesthetic and reduce the bulging appearance of the eyes. This oculoplastic surgery is regularly performed by Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, who is skilled and experienced in providing this and other facial plastic surgeries. Patients who undergo this procedure will often enjoy improved self-confidence and self-esteem thanks to a more pleasing balance and harmony to the eyes with the existing facial features.

Do you struggle with bulging eyes due to Graves disease?

If you are ready to restore a more natural, pleasant appearance to the eyes after dealing with Graves disease, it may be time to speak to a professional who can provide surgical intervention to treat. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a board-certified ophthalmologist in Northbrook, IL who is here to help patients in and around the community with their facial appearance and other cosmetic concerns. Call (847) 773-0679 to request an appointment at 500 Skokie Boulevard, Suite #120.

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