What Can Cause a Tearing Disorder?

Young Asian woman wipes her tears with a tissueNorthbrook, IL, area patients with vision and eye concerns are encouraged to talk to a board-certified ophthalmologist about their concerns. By undergoing a thorough evaluation and getting a definitive diagnosis, you can get the care and treatment you need to address your specific issues. When patients are experiencing excess or not enough tears, they may be dealing with epiphora or tearing disorder. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley and his team encourage you to schedule a consultation appointment if you are experiencing these problems to get the diagnosis and treatment you need to address them.

What Is a Tearing Disorder?

Tearing disorders, also referred to as epiphora, involve either the overflow of tears in the eyes or inadequate tear production. Many complications can arise from this condition, including:

  • Chronic conjunctivitis
  • Blurred vision
  • Dry, irritated eyes
  • Excess tearing

What Can Cause a Tearing Disorder?

There are various reasons why a patient might experience a tearing disorder. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Allergies (seasonal or environmental)
  • Certain prescriptions medications

What Treatment Options Are Available for Epiphora?

Dr. Daniel S. Tresely encourages patients of the Northbrook, IL community to consider a variety of options for the treatment of this condition, depending on whether or not they experience excess or inadequate tears. While some cases of epiphora may resolve on their own without treatment, some situations may require you to get medical attention to address the problem. Treatment options include surgical procedures to prescription medications. If you have dry eyes, sometimes simple eye drops and over-the-counter eye lubrication products can do the trick!

How Do I Learn More About Tearing Disorder?

At the practice of Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, you are in the hands of a board-certified ophthalmologist who can assist you with many eye and vision concerns. If you are located in or around Northbrook, IL and want to speak to our team of professionals because you suspect you may have a tearing disorder, do not hesitate to contact our office at 847-773-0679 to request an appointment. We serve patients in and around the area and welcome new patients seeking comprehensive vision and eye health services.

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