What happens during a forehead elevation procedure?

The signs of aging are a common complaint for many adult men and women. With Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, Northbrook, IL area patients can work with a surgical professional who can address skin laxity concerns that lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. When the imperfections develop on the forehead and brow area, patients might want to speak to a plastic surgeon about the forehead elevation procedure.

What is a forehead elevation procedure?

Also known as a forehead lift or a browlift, the forehead elevation procedure is performed by removing excess skin and tightening it in the upper area of the face. This smooths away wrinkles and folds that often develop in the area and allow patients to have a more youthful appearance. It will take care of forehead folds and glabellar lines while lifting the eyebrows and achieving a more rested and alert appearance. When done correctly, the results are natural-looking and patients can take years off their appearance with just one plastic surgery procedure.

Who is a candidate for the forehead elevation procedure?

The best patients for this procedure are adult men and women who are unhappy with what they see in the mirror. The upper portion of the face can be the leading cause towards an aged appearance, and with the formation of wrinkles and folds from skin laxity, this procedure can offer a transformation. The best candidates are those who are dealing with skin laxity and wrinkles in this area and are ready for a permanent solution.

What other options are available?

While plastic surgery is the best way of obtaining results for patients, there are less invasive alternatives for patients to consider. This includes cosmetic injectables, which are used for patients with mild to moderate signs of aging to stay one step ahead. Many of these injectables provide results that last several months before reinjection is required. When skin laxity becomes more severe, cosmetic surgeries are typically the only solution for more permanent and dramatic results.

Interested in learning more about surgeries for the upper third of the face?

Now is a great time to connect with Dr. Daniel S. Tresley of Northbrook, Illinois to discuss this and other facial plastic surgeries. His practice is conveniently located at 500 Skokie Blvd, Ste. #120 and accepts new patients who call for a consultation appointment at (847) 773-0679.

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