What is an effective treatment for ptosis?

When patients have drooping eyebrows and eyelids, they may be diagnosed with a physical condition called ptosis. Ptosis is a concern for many patients, especially if it becomes so severe that it impact their field of vision. In situations like this, when the eyelid falls and blocks upper or peripheral vision, patients may want to ask the Northbrook, IL team about the benefits of ptosis treatment.

What is done for ptosis?

Ptosis is a condition that is often more of a cosmetic issue than medical, though blockage of the vision may require a procedure to be performed to restore that field of vision back for the patient. In most cases, the most effective treatment for ptosis is a surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty may be used to reduce sagging of the upper and or lower eyelids, or even the treatment of bags under the eyes. The treatment is tailored to the patient based on their unique needs and desires, and is done to help restore a more youthful appearance and improve field of vision.

Who is a candidate?

Any adult patient who has been diagnosed with ptosis may be an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery. It is important that patients consult with a doctor to decide if they can move forward with this procedure. Then, they can discuss with their doctor the process required to undergo surgery.

Who is at risk of developing ptosis?

In most situations, our board-certified ophthalmologist sees ptosis in the elderly, when the muscles of the eyelids have become weak and skin laxity occurs. However, this Is not always the case. Some patients may experience ptosis following cataract surgery, or it may be seen in patients who wear contact lenses. The cause of this condition may be due to a muscular disease or congenital or neurological concerns. During the initial consultation and diagnosis, the doctor will evaluate the patient and determine the cause before offering solutions.

Ready to combat drooping eyelids?

Speak to our provider about the advantages of ptosis treatment from a board-certified ophthalmologist in Northbrook, IL. The office is located at 500 Skokie Boulevard, Suite #120 and accepts new patients who call (847) 291-6900 for an appointment.

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