What is ophthalmic plastic surgery?

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is excited to be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the area of Northbrook, IL who can provide a variety of procedures for men and women. One area of expertise is that of ophthalmic plastic surgery.

What is ophthalmic plastic surgery?

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley describes ophthalmic plastic surgery as any procedure that is performed in the periocular area, including the eyelids, eyebrows, tear duct, or eye socket. These procedures each have medical terms that relate to where they are being performed, including blepharoplasty, orbital surgery, or dacryocystorhinostomy. It may be an aesthetic procedure or a medically-necessary one, depending on the patient’s unique needs.

Why might I consider ophthalmic plastic surgery?

Some patients have medical needs that may require them to consider this type of surgery, such as a blocked tear duct or sagging of the eyelids that cause a blockage in their line of vision. Others may want to improve the appearance of the eye area by removing sagging or excess skin of the eyelid. During a consultation visit, patients can speak with a professional to make an educated decision regarding the type of treatment they desire.

Why choose Dr. Daniel S. Tresley for ophthalmic plastic surgery?

When patients are investigating into aesthetic procedures that can be performed for them, they need to do their research to ensure they are utilizing a doctor with specialized training and experience in the area of treatment they desire. Men and women considering ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeries will want to choose Dr. Daniel S. Tresley for many reasons. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist, specializing in treatments around the eyes and eye area. He also has years of experience in ensuring patients have reliable and natural-looking results with any treatment they have performed. During a consultation appointment, patients can ask their physician questions about the procedure to build a trusting doctor-patient relationship.

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Our board certified ophthalmologist is pleased to offer ophthalmic plastic surgery for new and current patients in the area of Northbrook, IL. Call (847) 291-6900 to request a consultation appointment and find out if you are an appropriate candidate for eye or brow surgeries.

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