5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Brow Lift

Wrinkles, wherever they appear, will never look flattering. The first sign of facial creases and folds often appear in areas surrounding the eyes and the forehead. For men and women who are keen into looking their best, either because of the nature of their work or other personal reasons, plastic surgery holds the key to erasing years off their face. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley recommends a Chicago endoscopic brow lift to enhance the appearance of puffy eyes, crow’s feet, under eye circles and wrinkles around the area.

Here are 5 things you might want to know before getting an endoscopic brow lift:

  1. There are 2 main types of brow lift currently employed by plastic surgeons. The more traditional approach involves making an incision near the hairline to remove the muscles which crinkle the area. On the other hand, the endoscopic method which is often done by Dr. Tresley entails making tiny incisions to elevate both your forehead and brows. The endoscopic approach is often preferred over its traditional counterpart due to its less-invasive nature.
  2. An endoscopic brow lift by Dr. Tresley begins with tiny incisions on your scalp. These incisions will be used to gain access into the muscles of the forehead and eyebrow region. A very tiny camera, also known as an endoscope, is then inserted into the incisions and guides Dr. Tresley in lifting the hooded and sagging areas.
  3. Just like other surgeries, you need to be generally in good health before an endoscopic brow lift. It is also essential for you to have realistic expectations and an idea of what’s in store for you post-procedure.
  4. Pain, yet minimal in nature, would be present post-surgery. Numbness, bruising and swelling may be present for the first few days. However, their occurrence should disappear as the days go by. Persistence of any swelling or numbness after a week within surgery date should be reported right away.
  5. For post-surgery comfort, use cold compresses to reduce swelling. Although vigorous exercises and activities should be avoided for a few weeks, you can actually return back to regular living days after an endoscopic brow lift.

Fixing your brows which hang too low or appear too close to the eyes is easily achieved with an endoscopic brow lift by Dr. Tresley. Get in touch and schedule an initial consultation with him today!

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