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Seven reasons to choose laser skin rejuvenation

Enhancing the skin is a common desire for aging patients. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sun damage can cause patients to look older than they feel. When individuals in the area of Northbrook, IL visit with Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, they will find that effective solutions are available to them in the form of laser skin… Read More »

Enjoy lip augmentation with Juvéderm injections

Northbrook, IL area women who are looking for a non-surgical approach to achieving lip augmentation to add volume and fullness to their lips are encouraged to speak to Dr. Daniel S. Tresley. Lip augmentation may be performed in either a surgical or non-surgical manner. At our practice, we may suggest patients consider the benefits of… Read More »

Reducing wrinkles and folds with simple Botox injections

Just because you have more candles on your birthday cake each year doesn’t mean that you have to succumb to the natural signs of aging. In fact, many men and women who want to combat the changes in their skin, specifically on the face, might believe plastic surgery is the only way to achieve a… Read More »

Ophthalmic plastics

When patients think of ophthalmic plastics, also known as oculoplastic surgery, they often think the procedure is purely cosmetic. However, while many cases of ophthalmic plastics are for aesthetic reasons, there are times when these procedures are used to address specific health concerns and to improve a patient’s overall quality of life. What is ophthalmic… Read More »

Dermal Filler Chicago IL

What Happened To My Fillers?

Sometimes, it’s surprising what some people won’t say. And while we’re not above fishing for compliments, there are other things that people should definitely tell you up front. For example, you should know just how much time your fillers should last. If you suddenly find your fillers deflating or just looking like they’re losing steam,… Read More »

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