Eyelid and Facial Skin Cancer Treatment in Northbrook, IL

What Causes Eyelid Skin Cancer?

Skin cancers, often a result of sun exposure, usually present as painless bumps that crust or bleed. If the cancer is along the eyelid margin, it can result in lash loss.

blue eyes with healthy eye lids and light eye lashesCommon Types of Eyelid Skin Cancer

  • Basal cell
  • Squamous cell
  • Sebaceous cell
  • Melanoma

Treatment Options

These cancers typically grow locally and enlarge and destroy surrounding tissue. Sebaceous cell and melanoma are two more aggressive types and can spread (metastasize) to other areas of the body. Dr. Tresley will completely excise the cancerous area, allowing for clear margins and reconstruction. The removal can be performed under frozen section control or with MOHS micrographical excision. During your consultation, Dr. Tresley will determine which type of excision is warranted by your case.


Dr. Tresley discusses Skin Cancer Eyelid Reconstruction

Dr. Tresley will also determine the type of reconstructive procedure he will use, depending on the size of the defect after excision and the looseness of the remaining tissue. Dr. Tresley utilizes a large array, and will apply the precise one to ensure both the best anatomic and cosmetic results.

Note: Please understand that photos below are graphic, but we feel it’s important to show Dr. Tresley’s work.

Skin Cancer Treatment Chicago IL | Skokie | Northbrook | Waukegan
Skin Cancer Treatment Chicago IL | Skokie | Northbrook | Waukegan
Skin Cancer Treatment Chicago IL | Skokie | Northbrook | Waukegan

Hear What Dr. Tresely’s Patients Have to Say

The entire team was amazing from the second I walked in. My surgery with Dr. Tresley was quick and painless, almost relaxing. One of the easiest things I did during Covid and I highly recommend.” – M.D

I had a small AK removed from my eyelid. Excellent in office care, very little pain or irritation and was back to normal in a couple days. Highly recommend.” – M.S

*Individual results may vary

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