Defy Aging with a Chicago Sculptra® Aesthetic Treatment

Getting back your youthful looking appearance should not happen overnight. There is no quick fix in batting the signs of aging such as creases, wrinkles and crepey skin. Such fact may sound discouraging but a Chicago Sculptra® Aesthetic treatment may just help you truly defy facial aging. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley deftly performs the aforementioned procedure in patients seeking results which are by turns highly satisfying and long-lasting. We answer your most common questions on Sculptra® treatments below.

What is Sculptra® Aesthetic about?

The Sculptra® technique in treating facial aging is the pioneer among facial injectables which subtly delivers results over a period of time. Its is an anti-aging treatment designed to produce results over time and not just momentarily make you look younger.

Sculptra® Aesthetic is primarily made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic material which promotes collagen formation. It has been used for years in dissoluble stitches and is naturally absorbed by the body.

How does it work?

Aging is mainly brought about by decreased collagen formation in one’s skin. Collagen is the key component in making your skin look younger and smoother. As a result of decreased collagen formation, wrinkle formation occurs.

Sculptra® Aesthetic works by reinforcing collagen formation deep into your dermis – the skin’s innermost layer which houses your blood vessels, hair follicles, and the glands responsible for producing regulating skin moisture as well as body temperature.

The newly-formed collagen serves as the foundation of the new look that Sculptra® will produce on your end. Deep facial wrinkles will gradually look smooth and refined.

How many Sculptra® treatments do I need?

A full treatment with a Sculptra-trained doctor like Dr. Tresley includes 3 injection sessions over a few months. Results could last for as long as two years.

You should take note that results with Sculptra® cannot be immediately seen right after treatment. Since the procedure targets the innermost layer of your skin, it may take time before noticing visible changes. Improvements are often seen after a few weeks.

Call Dr. Tresley the soonest if you have any concerns or questions about getting Sculptra® Aesthetic in the Chicago area today.

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