What to Expect When Recovering from an Endoscopic Brow Lift

brow liftThe length of time it takes to recover from an endoscopic brow lift varies from one patient to another. Certain factors come into play such as the person’s general health, skin elasticity, and lifestyle habits like smoking.

An endoscopic brow lift offers the advantage of quicker recovery than traditional brow lift surgery. Normally, the dressings will be removed the morning after the procedure. You will most likely be instructed to return in two weeks to have the sutures or staples behind the hairline removed.

A considerable amount of swelling may be expected during the first few days but it will subside seven to 10 days post-surgery. Camouflage make-up may be applied to conceal the swelling if you need to go out. Regular use of cold compresses lessens the swelling and bruising. Additionally, you may feel a certain degree of numbness and/or itchiness in the incision sites. The itchiness has to do with the reactivation of nerves as the incisions heal.

You will usually be able to take a shower 24 to 48 hours after surgery. Light exercises may be permitted a week after surgery and you will most likely be able to return to work around that time, too.

Dr. Tresley aims to create a personalized approach to your endoscopic brow lift based on your cosmetic goals and preferences. Call 847.291.6900 today to schedule a consultation!

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