Eyelid Cancer Prevention and Detection Tips by Dr. Tresley

Although eyelids only make up a small portion of the entire facial structure, skin cancers often involve the lower portion of the eyelids. While only an insignificant number of eyelid and facial cancers are lethal, skin melanomas may dangerously spread to the nasal and orbital cavities causing blindness and significant tissue damage. For Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, early detection and prompt intervention is essential.

Early Warning Signs

An eyelid tumor can present itself as a basal cell carcinoma which accounts for 90 percent of the cases. The rest of eyelid skin cancer cases can either be a squamous cell carcinoma or a melanoma. Excessive sun exposure is the most common cause of skin cancer. Most people tend to forget the area around the eyes when it comes to sun protection. Early warning signs include:

  • a lump which does not disappear and/or frequently bleeds
  • elevated or flat pigmented lesions with irregular growth and/or borders
  • unexplained and/or sudden loss of eyelashes
  • persistent eyelid infection that do not respond to medications


Prevention does not really require you to do something drastic on your end. Dr. Tresley shares the following easy (and fashionable) measures to avoid skin cancer:

  • Apply facial sunscreen religiously every day and take extra care to include the areas around the eyes. The lower portion of the eyelid receives the most amount of sunlight. You can make use of lotions and creams with an SPF 15 or higher.
  • Make it a habit to put on your hat as part of your sun-protective strategic moves.
  • Apart from making bold fashion statements, sunglasses are also the ultimate sun protection accessory that you need to stick with every time you go outdoors. Choose sunglasses which provide 100 percent protection from UVA and UVB radiation. You can opt for polarized lenses to reduce glaring while driving. Select lens sizes that cover the entirety of the orbital area. A snuggle fitting pair is ideal.

Dr. Tresley welcomes your concerns and questions on eyelid cancer. In addition to the warm reception provided by his staff, Dr. Tresley’s expertise on oculofacial cosmetic surgery awaits you at his office near the Chicago metropolitan area. Visit them today!

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