Eyelid Ptosis – Chicago Eyelid Lift Procedure

Eyelid PtosisFor some people, the eyelids can droop or hood over the eyes, causing them to look much more tired and older or give them vision trouble. When the eyelids droop, it is technically referred to as eyelid ptosis. Ptosis of the eyelids has a lot to do with the skin’s natural tendency to lose elasticity.

Skin elasticity has to do with the skin’s ability to bounce back from being stretched. Over time, as the skin ages or is stressed with exposure to the elements, it loses this ability. Factors such as UV radiation, smoking, and genetics can also have an effect on your skin’s elasticity. This loss of elasticity causes eyelid ptosis. An eyelid lift is designed to rejuvenate your appearance by removing or tightening the excess skin that droops or sags over the eyelids.

Speak with an experienced practitioner like Dr. Daniel Tresley if you are concerned about eyelid ptosis and how it affects your appearance.

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