Eyelid Scar Revision: Is It Necessary?

Eyelid Scar Revision Chicago ILThe delicate skin of your eyelids has an amazing ability to heal very quickly. This characteristic ensures that your eyes are protected from infections, but it may also mean that you develop scar tissue. Because scars are permanent, eyelid scar revision is a surgical technique that refines the scar. At times, eyelid scar revision may be performed for purely cosmetic reasons, but in other cases, eyelid scar revision is medically necessary.

Scarring After an Injury to the Eyelid

Lacerations, tears and other injuries to your eyelids can happen while playing sports or due to an impact on your eye area, such as when you fall. Your body responds to the open wound by rapidly producing collagen fibers that fill in the area. These fibers develop in a rather chaotic manner, which is why a scar looks different than the rest of your skin. The scar may have a smooth or rough texture, be raised or indented and have a lighter or darker color. Eyelid scars that develop after minor injuries are typically not of concern. More significant scars are not only cosmetic concerns but may also interfere with how your eyelid covers the eye.

Surgical Scars

Blepharoplasty is a surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the eyelid. Surgeons are careful in the placement of the incision to ensure that any scarring is minimized. Under ideal circumstances, the incision heals with a very thin, flat scar. The scar may be raised from the skin, wider than anticipated and darker than expected for many reasons. Stretching of the incision before the skin may open it slightly, and this typically produces a wider scar. Everyone heals differently, so your scar may be more significant due to the nature of your skin and healing process.

When Eyelid Scar Revision is Recommended

Eyelid scar revision may be recommended if your scar has one of more of the following characteristics:

  • Wider than the original incision
  • Raised from the surface of the skin
  • Red in color
  • Indented in the skin
  • Extends beyond the natural crease of the eyelid
  • Has a significant color variation compared to surrounding skin

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