How to Get a Smoother Forehead in No Time

Looking into the mirror to see an array of forehead wrinkles smiling back at you is enough to cause anyone to have a panic attack. If you are starting to notice that your forehead wrinkles are more than you remember, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and zap them before they only get worse. Read on to learn more about how you can get a smoother forehead in no time.

facial fillersWhy is Botox so popular among men and women? Because it will temporarily get rid of your forehead wrinkles for around 3-4 months depending on your age, skin type, and other factors. By essentially paralyzing the muscles that Botox is injected into, patients receive the virtually flawless appearance of a smooth forehead without any of those nasty wrinkles in sight. After your Botox injections, you will likely start to see the full Botox results within about a week.

As Botox’s competitor, Dysport is also a neurotoxin that helps to relax the muscles in the forehead and around the eyes. A treatment that is shown to be equally as effective as Botox.

Both the prescription topical cream and the over-the counter creams are ideal to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all over your face, including your forehead area. Once prescribed by your doctor, simply apply the retinol cream across your forehead, both morning and night or as recommended. Due to its complex chemical components, you will likely experience some skin peeling after a few weeks of using retinol consistently. However, this is just a sign that it’s working, so don’t discontinue using it. To help add moisture back into your skin, try applying a face cream over the Retinol. Also, be sure to avoid direct contact with the sun when using retinol because it can cause you to burn more easily.

Although there are several ways to help decrease the appearance of forehead wrinkles, these three solutions are proven to be some of the most effective. To learn more about how you can get a smoother forehead with less wrinkles, contact Dr. Tresley’s office today and schedule an appointment! Be sure to ask Dr. Tresley about our private labeled, pharmaceutical grade Retinal.


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