Laser Hair Removal Myths Debunked!

The moment you type in “laser hair removal” in Google, you will most likely be bombarded with hundreds of links telling you about its pros and cons. It could be quite difficult to discern which ones should make the fact box and which ones need to be thrown out into the myth trash bin. We round up several laser hair removal myths below and debunk them one by one for you. Also, if you’re within the Illinois area, a Chicago laser hair removal session is just a stone throw’s away by visiting Dr. Daniel S. Tresley.

Myth: The laser used in the procedure will damage my internal organs.

Fact: Most people have mistakenly assumed that the heat emitted from the laser machine will reach into the deepest core of your skin and make a barbecue out of your internal organs. In reality, treatment via laser only reaches around ¼ mm of your skin’s outermost layer. The heat generated by a laser machine simply diffuses around hair follicles and destroys their hair-growing capacities.

Myth: My hair will stop growing after a solo session.

Fact: Although hair removal via laser is a great technology, you need more than just one session before long-term results start kicking in. Your hair grows in cycles with three main phases: anagen (actively growing phase), catagen (intermediate phase wherein the follicles prepare for the resting phase), and telogen (resting phase wherein old hairs are shed). It may be possible for new hair follicles to grow after a laser treatment but a few sessions will greatly reduce growth. Dr. Tresley will thoroughly assess your hair growth and recommend  the number of sessions that you exactly need.

Myth: Any laser hair removal technique will work for all types of hair.

Fact: Not all results are created equal. It may vary depending on your hair’s growth phase, hair color and skin type. Hair with shades of red is actually more difficult to remove than black or brown hair. White or grey cannot be removed through laser alone. It is important to talk to Dr. Tresley about your expectations.

Myth: I cannot afford to get one. I heard it’s very expensive.

Fact: While hair removal via laser is a revolutionary technology, its popularity has actually made it more accessible and affordable to the masses. If you actually compare a laser hair removal’ s cost with the amount you need to shell out for your regular waxing sessions, you will most likely save thousands of dollars with the former.

Schedule an initial evaluation today with Dr. Tresley and make your way to smoother skin with a Chicago laser hair removal session the soonest.

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