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Leg VeinsSpider veins on the legs, arms and face can become a nuisance and can affect your self-confidence. They are purple in color and sprawl across the skin, sometimes in large areas. Varicose veins are a larger version that bulge under the skin’s surface and can be painful or even life-threatening. Fortunately, leg veins, spider veins and varicose veins can be treated.

One of the most effective treatments for leg veins are laser skin treatments. Laser treatments are beam pulses of energy under the skin’s surface. The energy is focused and works on a wavelength that is calibrated to destroy the offending veins without harming the skin’s surface. Typically, multiple sessions are recommended to achieve the most desirable results for the removal of leg veins.

Consult with Dr. Tresley if you would like to know more about laser vein treatment.

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