What Makes Youthful and Attractive Eyelids?

eyelid surgeryBeauty is in the eye of the beholder.” While that adage may be true there are certain universally accepted opinions about what features make one woman’s eyelids more attractive than another.

A highly visible crease in the upper eyelids is perceived as attractive. It makes the eyes look bigger, which in most cultures is interpreted as a sign of vigor and youthfulness. Too much or too little fat in the area is considered unappealing. The absence of puffiness in the lower eyelids signifies that a person is well rested and vibrant.

The brows should also be well groomed and slightly arched along the lateral third above the orbital rim. A slight disproportion is unlikely to be noticeable, but a significant imbalance (due to sagging skin) is perceived as unattractive.

Your eyelid surgery consultation with Dr. Tresley
Dr. Tresley’s approach to eyelid surgery centers around the fact that clients’ facial attributes and desired outcomes vary widely. Dr. Tresley also recommends non-surgical treatments that can be combined with surgery if the procedure alone cannot address your existing eyelid issues. Non-invasive treatments may include Botox, facial fillers, and laser resurfacing treatments.

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