Obtain better body contours with Sculpsure

Both men and women come to the practice of Dr. Daniel S. Tresley to learn about surgical and nonsurgical solutions for the face and body. His facility, located in Northbrook, Illinois, continues to provide the latest technologies for effective treatments. One of the more popular options chosen by our patients is that of Sculpsure.

What is Sculpsure?

Sculpsure is an FDA-cleared device that offers laser treatment for unwanted fat in the body. This body contouring option is minimally invasive and does not require surgery to achieve results, similar to tummy tucks and liposuction. Instead, this light-based system works by reducing fat in common problem areas, including:

  • Underneath the chin
  • The tummy
  • The flanks (love handles/”muffin tops”)
  • The back
  • The hips and thighs

The technology used in Sculpsure ensures patients can treat stubborn areas of unwanted fat that may not budge with diet and exercise alone. The light-based procedure can permanently destroy fat cells in the problem area, allowing the body to naturally absorb them and flush them out of the body through the lymphatic system. In doing so, patients can avoid surgical interventions while trimming the body and working on trouble spots. Most of the patients will see results over the course of time, with optimum results seen approximately 12 weeks following their last treatment session.

How many treatments do I need?

Patients need to work with their doctor to make a customized treatment plan that meets their needs and goals. The doctor evaluates patients to determine if they are a good candidate for this or other treatment options available at his office.

Call the practice to speak to our doctor today!

If you reside in the area of Northbrook, IL and are considering the advantages of Sculpsure, we welcome you to book a consultation visit with our team of professionals to find out if you are a candidate for this or other body procedures. Call the office at (847) 291-6900 to request a visit to the practice at 500 Skokie Boulevard, Suite #120. We are conveniently located in the community, servicing patients in the surrounding areas, and welcome new patients into our practice for quality care.

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