Saggy Eyelids? The 411 on Brow Lifts

Eyes Older WomanHave you noticed that the more you age, even the littlest things become harder to do? For example, have you noticed that putting on eye makeup is a lot more difficult because the skin around your eye is starting to fold over? If you’ve recently noticed sagging around your eye area, it might be time to consider a brow lift.

What is an endoscopic brow lift?

Unlike larger surgeries like a facelift, a brow lift can be done endoscopically which means that it’s a minimally invasive surgery that still requires the use of anesthesia. During this procedure, small  cranial incisions will be made in the scalp in order for the doctor to gain access to the forehead muscles and eyebrows. A tiny camera will then be placed in the incisions in order to guide the doctor as he gently raises the eyebrow area, eliminating the dreaded hooded eyelids that plague so many individuals.

How long is recovery time?

Because brow surgery is minimally invasive, your recovery time will be much less than other procedures. The typical recovery time for brow surgery is around 2 weeks, but the process can either speed up or decline depending on your body’s natural healing mechanisms and any unforeseen complications. In order to speed up the healing process your doctor might recommend that you sleep in an upright position by using a recliner or other similar chair.

What results can I expect?

The results that you will obtain with a brow lift, are undeniable, and will give you a more youthful appearance. Imagine eliminating the excess and droopy skin around your eyes and replacing it with a more taut appearance, and that’s what you can expect.

Just because your body is aging, it doesn’t mean your appearance has to. If you’ve noticed that they skin around your eyes is getting saggier with every year that passes by, it might be time to schedule an appointment for a brow lift.

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