Stop Your Neck From Getting More Wrinkled by the Minute!

By and large, one of the bodily areas that reveal early signs of aging is your neck. However, together with your hands, the neck is most often overlooked when it comes to meticulous skin care. The skin around the neck area is also less elastic due to lesser concentrations of fat. As a result, your neck is more prone to wrinkles and pigmentation.

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley offers a wide array of Chicago skin care treatments that might just save your neck, literally that is. Below are common skin aging problems around the neck region and how to combat them one by one.

Turkey Neck Effect

Sagging skin in the neck region, also known as the turkey neck effect, is almost always due to weakened collagen and elastin fibers. You can either ask Dr. Tresley to prescribe you with neck-lifting creams or try non-invasive treatments such as thermage for severe skin laxity.

Necklace Lines

The horizontal lines around your neck that form like necklaces are mainly caused by frequent sun exposure. Excessive ultraviolet radiation destroys and depletes the collagen and elastin in your skin. These deep lines can be prevented and remedied through the application of prescription retinoid creams. Regular Botox sessions will dramatically smooth out highly visible wrinkles and creases.

Double Chin

Double chins are almost always associated with obesity or those who are relatively overweight. However, this niggling problem can also be seen amongst the skinny and the lanky. A double chin is often the result of fats and collagen which accumulate on the underside of the neck and jaw. Body-sculpting procedures by Dr. Tresley may just help you get rid of this unsightly neck and jaw problem.

Discoloured and Crepey Skin

Apart from visible lines, excessive sun exposure is also the main culprit for discolored and crepey skin around the jaw, neck region. Prescriptive hydrating creams can help battle the onset of crepey wrinkles. Laser treatments may also help reverse severe damage and restore dull skin to their healthy state.

Dr. Tresley and his team of aestheticians are very willing to assess the current state of your skin around the neck region and recommend different levels of treatments that suit your needs and preferences. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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