The 411 on Ophthalmic Plastics

As the most sensitive part of your face, the area surrounding your eyes and eyelids can be scary to trust just any plastic surgeon with. Not only could one wrong move damage your eyes but in worse case scenarios, it could even cause you to become blind. That’s why it’s important to hire a plastic surgeon who is an ophthalmic plastics specialist.

What is an ophthalmic plastics specialist?
As in any sort of medical field, there are specialties in which you can go to school for in order to create an emphasis in your medical profession. And in plastic surgery, ophthalmic plastics is the focus on the area around the eyes. By understanding the ins and outs of not only how the eye functions but how the muscles around it do as well, ophthalmic plastic surgeons are experts in things like eyelid reconstruction surgery, brow lifts, and even Botox injections. If you are interested in having any of these areas on your face targeted, read on to learn more about these procedures.

Eyelid Reconstruction Surgery
eyelid surgeryEyelid tumors can wreak havoc on your upper and lower eyelids, causing you to have to consider getting some sort of surgery. With eyelid reconstruction surgery, the extra fat and tissue that surround your eyes will be removed and depending on the severity of your tumor, the area around your eyelids will be reshaped and reconstructed.

Brow Lifts
As you get older, gravity turns out to be your worst enemy, causing the skin around your eyes to droop and sag. Things that used to be easy to do like open your eye all the way or apply eye makeup suddenly become a lot more challenging. However, with a brow lift surgery the plastic surgeon will remove any excess fat and skin from around the eyebrow in order to lift and tighten the upper eye area.

Botox is an injection used to relax the muscles around the eyes and forehead, in turn leaving you with smoother looking skin. When injected around the eyes, an ophthalmic plastic surgeon will make sure to target the correct muscles that won’t conflict with your ability to see or the eyes natural ability to produce tears.

If you’re consider in ophthalmic surgery, contact our office today!

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