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Nowadays men and women want more than a toned, fit body. They want to have sculpted physiques that emphasize muscle structure and contours. With summer fast approaching, here are some body contouring tips just in time for swimsuit season.

Build Muscle

Losing weight is a great way to shrink down areas of excess fat, but you also need muscle definition to have a sculpted body. Adding weight work to your exercise routine not only adds definition, but also improves strength, balance and stamina.

Improve Your Nutritional Intake

The common myth in the diet industry is that you simply need to eat less to be thinner. If the nutrients that you give to your body through foods is not carefully considered, you may unintentionally make it more difficult for your body to develop muscle and lose fat. Some of the foods that are best for toning, tightening and defining your body are:

  • Fruits: Berries, tomatoes, apples, oranges
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, carrots
  • Proteins: Whole eggs, wild caught salmon, high quality red meats, turkey
  • Fats: Fish oil, extra virgin olive oil
  • Dairy: Yogurt
  • Seeds, nuts and grains: Flax seeds, oats, mixed nuts, quinoa
  • Beverages: green tea, water

Using these foods as a basis for your menu planning allows for many great, tasty combinations.

Fat Reduction vs. Fat Elimination

Did you know that diet and exercise does not eliminate fat? What happens when you burn extra calories and build muscle mass is that the fat cells shrink in size. Because the fat cells are still in your body, you can regain fat if you should stop eating right and exercising. Fat elimination is possible thanks to SculpSure®. Best of all, the treatment eliminates stubborn fat that may take months or even years to reduce on your own.

Learn More About Fat Elimination with SculpSure®. Contact Dr. Daniel Tresley.

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