What is entropion treatment?

Close up of senior woman eyes. Gray short hear.Patients who are dealing with the itching, burning, and redness caused by entropion can find relief with the assistance of our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, or Northbrook, IL. He can assist patients in the treatment of entropion with a simple in-office procedure. 

What is entropion? 

Our doctor describes entropion as a condition that causes the eyelid to turn inward. This results in the eyelashes rubbing directly against the eye, causing significant discomfort. Common symptoms of entropion include: 

  • Itching
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Burning sensations
  • Increased tearing
  • Irritation in the eye

The inward turned lid is typically caused by a muscle spasm, but might also be the result of scarring from recent trauma or injury, the natural process of aging, or inflammation that previously affected the eye and eyelid and caused the inward turn to occur. 

How is entropion treated? 

With a simple in-office procedure, our doctor can quickly and easily address the issue. The surgery is performed under local anesthetic and can immediately provide patients with relief from entropion. Surgical correction is the only effective treatment of entropion. During the procedure, a section of skin is removed to reverse the inward rolling. This corrects the issues and dramatically improves one’s quality of life. 

What can I expect from recovery after entropion surgery? 

Most patients will need some recovery from their procedure as they would any other surgical intervention. Some bruising and swelling may occur for a few days or weeks following the procedure, though this will resolve on its own. Patients will have significant improvement in comfort though, as the issue is treated with a single procedure. Patients are given aftercare instructions after their procedure to reduce their risk of swelling, bruising, inflammation, infection, and other complications. 

Call Dr. Daniel S. Tresley today to seek treatment for entropion 

Northbrook, IL area patients who are seeking the assistance of a board-certified ophthalmologist in the community who can perform treatment for entropion will want to connect with Dr. Daniel S. Tresley by calling (847) 773-0679 to request an appointment. The office is located at 500 Skokie Boulevard, Suite #120 and accepts new patients from the area.        

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