Ectropion Treatment Chicago IL

Ectropion is the sagging and outward turning of the eyelid. It usually involves the lower eyelid and is usually a result of aging. The eyelid loses its tone and becomes lax, much like a stretched rubber band.

Other causes of ectropion:

  • previous trauma
  • previous surgery
  • burns
  • skin cancers
  • nerve palsies

Symptoms of ectropion include:

  • tearing
  • eye irritation
  • redness and inflammation to the eyelid
  • caking and crusting of the eyelid

Ectropion may result in eye infections, corneal abrasions and ulcers. If conservative treatments such as drops and ointments fail, Dr. Daniel Tresley may perform a surgical tightening of the eyelid. Sometimes, in cases of trauma and scarring, reconstruction of the eyelid is also performed to restore the eyelid to its natural position.

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