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Chicago Plastic Surgery Patients Testimonials

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“Instead of scheduling me for the more expensive procedure, Dr. Tresley suggested Sculptra. He was so right. I have one more treatment, but can already see a huge difference. The staff is very helpful. I received a call from Dr. Tresley a week after my appointment to see how I was doing.”

Deerfield, Illinois

“I went to see Dr. Tresley because I was unhappy with my eyes. Another MD had done my eyes and they just didn’t look right. Dr. Tresley knew immediately what to do and how to fix the problem. He never said a disparaging word about what the other MD had done. He was professional and gracious. I love my eyes now that Dr. Tresley has fixed them!”

Highland Park, Illinois

“I just met Dr. Tresley and found him to be a wonderful man. I did Sculptra which I love and has taken 10 years off….great staff and nice doctor.”

Grayslake, Illinois

“Dr. Tresley is a wonderful doctor. He performed surgery on my eyes in October 2011 and the outcome has been wonderful :) Although, he has a thriving practice, which unfortunately may result in an average of a 30 minute wait, he views each of his patients as individuals and makes your feel important. He is always available to answer questions and follows through to make sure you have optimal eye health. We are truly fortunate that doctors such as Dr. Tresley.”

Northbrook, Illinois

“My dermatologist noticed a growth on my upper eyelid. I was diagnosed with skin cancer and referred to see Dr. Tresley. The office staff understood the severity of my condition and got me right in! The small tumor had to be removed and I feared that I would look awful and scarred, but Dr. Tresley worked his magic and repaired the skin around my eye and you would NEVER know I had surgery! Not even a scar!!! He saved my face and saved my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He’s a true artist in his field. I’ve gone back many times since then for Botox and I’m seriously considering having him do a brow lift. His work is amazing!”

Chicago, Illinois

“I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Tresley! Rather than, as first planned, have surgery to enhance my eyes, Dr. Tresley suggested a different, less expensive, less invasive procedure! I am thrilled and excited for the second phase of my procedure. No down time, less costly and no pain to speak of.”

Skokie, Illinois

“My follow up visit was wonderful! Dr. Tresley took time to listen and carefully review his work. The staff is awesome!”

Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“Being that I am in the medical field, I make sure I have researched the doctors I go to. I was right on in my decision to choose Dr. Tresley. How refreshing to have a doctor that is both brilliant, at the top of his game AND not full of himself! Quite the opposite, Dr. Tresley is as balanced as they get. Like I said, I can’t say enough good about Dr. Tresley!”

Northbrook, Illinois

“Dr. Tresley was so professional and accurate in his assessment of what I needed to do to improve and enhance my features. He was conservative, yet thorough. I felt like he had my best interests in mind not how much money he could make off of me. I also felt that he wanted me to look natural and refreshed not like someone who has had work done. What a wonderful change from some of the other MD’s that are more interested in making money than they are in results! Would trust this doctor completely! Have sent several friends and they are all very happy as well.”

Mundelein, Illinois

“He is a wonderful doctor with exceptional skills. He fixed my eyelid after skin cancer removal and it looks fantastic. He showed me pictures and almost 3/4 of my eyelid was removed. You can’t even tell. He has hands of gold and is a great doctor. I couldn’t recommend him higher.”

Chicago, Illinois

“I have been a patient of Dr. Tresley’s for several years. He does my Botox and Juvederm and he does a beautiful natural job. I look so natural. Nobody knows my secret. His staff is GREAT and they are all so caring!”

Phoenix, Arizona

“Dr. Tresley was recommended by my personal physician and an acquaintance who had elective eyelid surgery performed by him. She was very thrilled with her results. My eyelids were kind of ugly before and I was unhappy with my appearance. After surgery I can honestly state that my entire opinion of myself has changed. I am so happy with the results and I have even shed my glasses for contacts. I don’t need to hide behind my glasses any more. He is a gifted surgeon and his reputation is impeccable. I recommend him without reservation.”

Chicago, Illinois

“I was referred to Dr. Tresley by several friends. I had the worst looking eyelids before my surgery. Puffy, baggy, hollow. Just awful. I can honestly say he has changed my life. My eyes are beautiful and people tell me every day how refreshed and great I look. They look so natural. He and his staff are wonderful and held my hand through the entire process. I am so comfortable with him and his office.”

Highland Park, Illinois

“He removed a large growth from my eyelid. The repair is flawless. I cannot tell anything was done. Amazing, considering the size of the growth…”

Glencoe, Illinois

“I love this doctor. Everything he has done for me has made me look so much better. My eyelid and forehead surgery make me look 15 years younger and I don’t have that surgically done appearance. His demeanor and charm make me feel so comfortable.”

Wilmette, Illinois

“When I initially met with Dr. Tresley, I was interested in an upper and lower lid lift. After he assessed the situation and was sure of what I was trying to accomplish, he recommended doing only the lower lid lift. He said that this would achieve the desired results, and it did.”

“I talked to my husband, an ophthalmologist, and told him what I wanted to have done and he immediately told me Dr. Tresley was the one I should see.”

“I went in for an upper and lower lid lift and Dr. Tresley also suggested a brow lift. He assured me this would have the most lasting effect and keep me from having the surgery again in a few years. People tell me I look 15 years younger.”