Eyebrow Lift – Endoscopic Lift Procedure

Endoscopic Brow LiftOur eyebrows tend to droop and sag as we age. Sleep deprivation, stress, and chronic fatigue can also contribute to sagging. Plus, drooping eyebrows tend to create worry lines in the forehead. The combination can work together to make us look angry or tired all the time.

Exercise can slow your eyebrow sagging, but to correct the condition you will need a brow lift. A brow lift raises your eyebrows and forehead.

At Daniel S. Tresley, we can correct your eyebrow drooping problem with the endoscopic brow lift procedure. The procedure involves only a few incisions and is the most minimally invasive brow lift method in the world. Dr. Tresley has few equals when it comes to this procedure, as he is a trained oculofacial plastic surgeon and at the same time is a board-certified ophthalmologist. His unique combination of skills makes him the best surgeon for an endoscopic brow lift.

Since an endoscopic brow lift involves only a few minimal incisions, the procedure takes just one to two hours, and your recovery time isn’t extensive. You will need to be sure to follow the guidelines of Dr. Tresley to ensure the fastest recovery.

If people are asking you why you look so tired, or why you appear to be mad, it may be time for an endoscopic brow lift from Dr. Tresley.

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