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Chicago Spider Vein Treatment

Spider Veins are those spider web looking purple veins that appear in arms, face, and most commonly, the legs. These unsightly veins are often a cause for great insecurity. Many people try to hide them underneath clothes, but now there is a better way through Chicago Spider Vein Treatment, also known as Sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy utilises the… Read More »

Chicago Eyelid Lift – Blepharoplasty

Our eyes are constantly expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions from the first time we open our eyes and have a look around to the last time we close them. It is said that our eyes are the window to our soul. As we age, however, the skin around our eyes gets wrinkled, sags, and… Read More »

Endoscopic Brow Lift Chicago

Chicago Brow Lift surgery is a procedure designed to eliminate a heavy, sagging brow and deep wrinkles across the forehead caused by aging or even genetics. Men and women of varying ages may benefit from a brow lift. These days there are a number of facial rejuvenation procedures to consider from the non-surgical to the… Read More »

5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Brow Lift

Wrinkles, wherever they appear, will never look flattering. The first sign of facial creases and folds often appear in areas surrounding the eyes and the forehead. For men and women who are keen into looking their best, either because of the nature of their work or other personal reasons, plastic surgery holds the key to… Read More »

Everything You Need to Know About Ptosis

Drooping eyelids, medically referred to as Ptosis, is a condition wherein the upper eyelids droop low enough. In some cases, the eyelid skin may fold over the edge causing vision problems. Decreased muscle tone in the muscles which control the eyelids are often responsible for the droopiness. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a Chicago eyelid plastic… Read More »

Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting Botox

Botox as a cosmetic treatment has been around for a decade now. This injectable is actually a neurotoxin which helps reduce frown lines and forehead creases when applied in small doses. This lunchtime procedure leads the pack of the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures for 2011. Despite its popularity and constant availability, a meticulous selection… Read More »

Defy Aging with a Chicago Sculptra® Aesthetic Treatment

Getting back your youthful looking appearance should not happen overnight. There is no quick fix in batting the signs of aging such as creases, wrinkles and crepey skin. Such fact may sound discouraging but a Chicago Sculptra® Aesthetic treatment may just help you truly defy facial aging. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley deftly performs the aforementioned procedure in… Read More »

Graves’ Disease: What is It?

One’s immune system is the body’s defense team against bacteria, viruses and infectious organisms. However, there are instances wherein one’s network of immune defenses attacks the own body’s cells, tissues and organs. This condition is often referred to as an autoimmune disorder. Such is the case of Graves’ disease in which the immune system attacks… Read More »

Stop Your Neck From Getting More Wrinkled by the Minute!

By and large, one of the bodily areas that reveal early signs of aging is your neck. However, together with your hands, the neck is most often overlooked when it comes to meticulous skin care. The skin around the neck area is also less elastic due to lesser concentrations of fat. As a result, your… Read More »

Eyelid Cancer Prevention and Detection Tips by Dr. Tresley

Although eyelids only make up a small portion of the entire facial structure, skin cancers often involve the lower portion of the eyelids. While only an insignificant number of eyelid and facial cancers are lethal, skin melanomas may dangerously spread to the nasal and orbital cavities causing blindness and significant tissue damage. For Dr. Daniel S. Tresley,… Read More »

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