Five Common Blepharoplasty Questions Answered

Whether it’s removal of loose, excess skin in the upper eyelids or fat repositioning in the lower eyelids, there is no doubt that eyelid surgery can subtly rejuvenate the eye area and make a person look years younger. If you’ve been thinking of having eyelid surgery but are still uncertain about it, here are answers to some of the most common questions.

BlepharoplastyWhat is going on with my saggy or droopy eyelids?
Your droopy eyelids are mainly the result of the natural effects of gravity due to advancing age. Genetics, smoking habits, fluctuations in weight, and sun exposure also play a role in how quickly your eyelids age.

What issues can eyelid surgery address?
Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin to reduce drooping in the upper eyelids. Lower eyelid surgery can either remove or reposition fat to reduce puffiness in the lower lids. In some cases, a unique form of eyelid surgery known as the Asian eyelid surgery technique is used to create a crease in the upper eyelids. Half of the Asian population has eyelids without a natural crease.

How long does a typical eyelid surgery take?
Eyelid surgery is a short and straightforward cosmetic surgery. An upper or lower eyelid surgery can last between 45 to 90 minutes.

How long should I take the time off after eyelid surgery?
Two weeks off from work should be enough to give you time to heal and recover following eyelid surgery.

Can eyelid surgery address dark under eye circles?
Most of the time, eyelid surgery cannot help improve dark under eye circles. Rather, non-surgical treatment with facial fillers can improve the indentation between the lower lids and the area above the cheeks (also known as the tear trough).

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