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A Closer Look at Ectropion Treatment Options

Ectropion is when the eyelid begins to sag and turn outward. It usually appears on the bottom eyelid and is pink or red in color. This can lead to other symptoms, such as dry eye, soreness, and irritation, and it can also cause low self-esteem. Explore some of the ectropion treatment options offered by Dr. Daniel Tresley.… Read More »

Ectropion 101: Symptoms, causes, and treatment options

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a provider in Northbrook, IL, who can help with a wide range of vision and eye concerns. One condition that he sees is that of ectropion. This condition can be easily diagnosed and patients can talk to him about effective treatment options. Let’s learn more about ectropion and discuss possible… Read More »

Close up of senior woman eyes. Gray short hear.

What is entropion treatment?

Patients who are dealing with the itching, burning, and redness caused by entropion can find relief with the assistance of our board-certified ophthalmologist, Dr. Daniel S. Tresley, or Northbrook, IL. He can assist patients in the treatment of entropion with a simple in-office procedure.  What is entropion?  Our doctor describes entropion as a condition that… Read More »

Irritated Eyes? It Could Be Your Eyelids

Having irritated eyes is an unfortunate part of modern life. We spend hours on our devices and computers for work, to stay in touch and to pass the time. But irritated eyes could be a sign of a condition that requires treatment. You may have a tearing disorder or an abnormality with your eyelid, such as… Read More »

The 411 on Ectropion

As you age, your skin starts to lose elasticity and can even begin to sag in places that you didn’t know it could— including both your upper and lower eyelid. Usually affecting the lower part of the eyelid, ectropion is when there is a sagging and outward turning of the eyelid which can make everyday… Read More »

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