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What cosmetic injections are available with Dr. Daniel S. Tresley?

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is an experienced provider who is available to help patients in achieving their goals without the need for plastic surgery. He offers a range of nonsurgical, minimally-invasive injectables that are used for cosmetic purposes. Whether you want to address a double chin or minimize fine lines and wrinkles, our team in… Read More »

What is ophthalmic plastic surgery?

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is excited to be a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in the area of Northbrook, IL who can provide a variety of procedures for men and women. One area of expertise is that of ophthalmic plastic surgery. What is ophthalmic plastic surgery? Dr. Daniel S. Tresley describes ophthalmic plastic surgery as any… Read More »

Ophthalmic plastics

When patients think of ophthalmic plastics, also known as oculoplastic surgery, they often think the procedure is purely cosmetic. However, while many cases of ophthalmic plastics are for aesthetic reasons, there are times when these procedures are used to address specific health concerns and to improve a patient’s overall quality of life. What is ophthalmic… Read More »

Undereye Puffiness: Causes and Conditions

Undereye puffiness, bags and dark circles happen for many reasons. Patients of any age can develop puffy eyes, and the condition may be short-term or chronic. In most cases, having bags under your eyes is simply a sign that you need to make some simple lifestyle changes. In other cases, the puffiness may indicate Graves’… Read More »

Oculo What? Understanding Oculofacial Plastic Surgery

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley is a board-certified ophthalmologist and one of the few oculofacial plastic surgeons in the Chicago area. His credentials, experience, and commitment to excellence are why his patients know that they will receive exceptional care in every regard. Here are a few of the other benefits of working with an oculofacial plastic… Read More »

Make 2018 An Eye-Opening Experience

The eyes are the most extraordinary feature of the human body. They not only allow us to see the world, but the eyes also capture people’s attention and share a piece of our personal stories. The aging process makes subtle changes to the eye area that miscommunicate how we feel. We may look tired, angry… Read More »

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