How Graves Disease Affects the Eyes

asian woman with sore throat at homeGraves’ disease is a type of thyroid issue that can develop and wreak havoc throughout the body. It can also manifest in the eye area, causing the eyes to bulge outward and resulting in various issues such as blurred vision or dry eyes. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley of Northbrook, IL, can educate you on what to expect if diagnosed with Graves’ disease.

How Graves’ Disease Affects the Eyes

Graves’ disease can have a severe impact on your vision and eyes. This is because the autoimmune disorder activates an overproduction of thyroid hormones that circulate in your bloodstream, which can affect the muscles and tissues in various parts of your body.

The muscles around the eyes are often affected by Graves’ disease, resulting in dry eyes and eye irritation. In some cases, patients may experience double vision or blurred vision due to Graves’ disease-induced changes in their ocular structures. Bulging eyes are often a tell-tale sign of Graves’ disease as well. It is vital that you see Dr. Daniel S. Tresley as soon as possible if you notice any unusual changes in your eye function as a result of Graves’ disease. This allows you to get a proper diagnosis and start treatment right away to prevent further complications.

What Are the Treatment Options for Graves’ Disease?

There are several different treatments available to help manage symptoms related to Graves’ disease, including:

  • Medications to lower thyroid hormone levels and regulate your metabolism
  • Eye drops or ointments to help relieve dry eyes
  • Regular eye exams and checkups with an ophthalmologist to monitor any changes in your vision

If you have Graves’ disease, you need to take steps to manage your condition as effectively as possible. This may include eating a healthy diet, getting enough rest, and working closely with your doctor on a treatment plan that fits your needs. With proper care, it is possible to minimize the effects of Graves’ disease on your eyes and overall well-being.

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