What Is Tearing Disorder?

male in blue shirt suffer from depression cry wipe tears using napkin or tissueIf you find yourself with extra tearing in the eyes, you may be dealing with a tearing disorder. Dr. Daniel S. Tresley and his team in Northbrook, IL, work with patients to help them better understand this condition and how to manage it successfully. Continue reading to find out more about tearing disorder and what can be done to improve it.

What Are the Signs of a Tearing Disorder?

Tearing disorder symptoms can appear as a result of dry eyes, allergies, or other eye issues. Common symptoms include blurred vision, gritty feeling and discomfort in the eyes, redness, or swelling around the eye region.

Tearing disorder symptoms will vary from one person to the next. Some may experience them all at once, while others only experience one or two of these symptoms. If you are experiencing any issues with your tear glands, you must pay a visit to your ophthalmologist right away for treatment options.

What Can Cause Tearing Disorder?

  • Blocked tear ducts
  • Ectropion or entropion
  • Certain topical medications
  • Dry eyes disorder
  • Blepharitis

With a proper diagnosis from an experienced provider, patients can work with our team to find out the root cause of the condition and discuss the most appropriate treatment options available.

What Are Some Treatment Options for Tearing Disorder?

Dr. Daniel S. Tresley of Northbrook, IL, will often make suggestions to those diagnosed with a tearing disorder regarding the most effective treatment for their condition and the severity of their excessive tearing. Two of the more popular treatment options that might be considered include:

  • Prescription or over-the-counter eye drops to keep your eyes moist and free of dry eyes, allergies, or other issues that may be causing the symptoms.
  • Surgery to repair the ducts and drainage points around the tear glands.

During an evaluation, our team can get you a proper diagnosis and discuss which solution to consider for your unique needs.

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